Mum & Birth Partner Workshop

A private Natal Birth session for birth partners and mum-to-be. Guidance for working together to achieve a positive, calm and confident childbirth. Workshop includes sample birth plan and handout.

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Baby Massage 5 Week Course

Soothe teething pain, colic symptoms, and improve baby's sleep - just a few advantages of baby massage! Suitable from 4 weeks old. You do not need to have had your 6-8 week checks to attend.

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Yoga For Baby 5 Week Course

Sensory yoga classes for baby's development. Parents/carers can join in our yoga moves too! Suitable for babies from 9/10 weeks to crawling. You'll need your 6-8 week checks before attending this course.

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Baby Choices Ethos

Baby Choices is dedicated to helping you find unbiased information to find out what feels right for your pregnancy, birth and parenting decisions.

My Natal Birth Workshops can help reduce anxieties that expectant parents may be feeling, and everything we do helps to build confidence and a positive mindset for birth. My session will help you to feel fully prepared and ready for the day that baby begins their arrival. The ultimate goal is not to tell you 'the right way' to have your baby, but to help you find out which choices feel right for YOU. The mindful skills and gentle exercises you will learn can be used throughout your entire pregnancy journey, as well during your baby's birth.

After baby has arrived, you may be looking for ways to continue practising mindfulness. This can enhance your bond with your child, and encourage mum's postnatal recovery. My infant massage and yoga courses are perfect to let your baby enjoy a mix of relaxation to help them settle, sensory activities to stimulate their emotional and mental development, and help mum, dad or carer to meet new friends. The strokes and positions you will learn will aid many physical developments for your child, including better sleep and weight gain, and improving muscle tone and strength.

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