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Baby massage provides a wonderful, nurturing experience for both you and your baby, and also offers a unique way for you to communicate with your child.

The baby massage benefits for both baby and parents are numerous with bonding, communication, health and getting a good night’s sleep all cited as positive outcomes of baby massage. 

The strokes are demonstrated on a doll and parents can then follow the routine on their baby. You can choose to use sunflower oil (1 50ml bottle of 100% pure sunflower oil is provided for each parent/carer) or you can choose to upgrade to either apricot kernel or grapeseed oil for just £2.50 per 50ml bottle. You also have the option to do a dry massage if you prefer. If your baby has eczema or any other skin problem you are welcome to use a prescribed cream for your doctor instead.

My classes allow yourself and baby to take time out from the busy world, and concentrate on being mindful in your precious moments together. All classes are baby-led, so you can just feed, comfort and change baby’s nappy as and whenever needed throughout the session. Don’t worry about missing any strokes: you will be given a hand-out full of useful instructions and tips so you can practise at home.

Benefits of massage for baby and you:

For babies:
  • increases the bond between parent and baby
  • aids deeper, longer sleep
  • relaxing and soothing which can reduce crying
  • helps baby ailments such as teething
  • helps tummy troubles such as colic, constipation and digestive issues
  • reduces fussiness
  • enhances development
  • tones and strengthens muscles
  • aids co-ordination
  • increases body awareness
  • boosts immunity
  • releases ‘happy hormones’ which make your baby feel good!
For parents/carer:
  • increases the bond with your baby
  • offers empowering tools to help with issues such as colic and sleep
  • helps you sleep better
  • group sessions are a great way to meet other parents
  • helps you get to know your baby and their cues
  • reduces ‘baby blues’ and can help postnatal depression

Book a Course

My massage course is suitable for babies aged from 4 weeks up to crawling. If your baby is crawling you are still very welcome to come along, but you may find if they are becoming more mobile they may enjoy my yoga for baby classes which involve lots of movements and sensory play!

June Course

Friday 15th June 11.15am (social time and refreshments will be available from 10.30-11.15 before class starts)
£35 for 5 classes including oil, handout and refreshments

5 week massage courses run at St Mary’s Church Hall SK14 4HL, Newton in Hyde. You can pay for your place via PayPal below, or if you prefer to pay via online banking just contact Jenni.