Pregnancy Classes


MummyNatal Pregnancy Classes for Mums-to-Be

My mindfulness-inspired pregnancy courses are available privately across all areas of Manchester and Stockport, and can be held at any date or time at your own home. MummyNatal birth preparation classes can be helpful for every type of childbirth, including C sections.

The activities we try include: relaxing movements to help baby move into their optimal birthing position, active birthing techniques, birth ball movements, meditations and mantra to use both during pregnancy and labour. We also include unbiased antenatal education, and time for you to bond with your baby. Everything we do helps to build the mindset for a positive childbirth experience - no matter where and how you will be having your baby.

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Natal Birth Partner Workshops

My birth partner workshops run regularly across Manchester, Stockport and Tameside. The sessions can be held at weekends of evenings, whenever is most convenient for you and your birth partner.

Being a birth partner is a crucial role that plays a huge part in the well-being of mum-to-be and baby. The birth partner's behaviour and attitudes can encourage mum to have a confident labour or Caesarean section. All MummyNatal and DaddyNatal educators are committed to helping expectant parents find out how they can support each other during the birth of their baby. We want you to have an empowering and positive birthing experience.

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