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The Natal Birth Workshop 

Antenatal Class for Mum and her Birth Partner

My workshop is for an expectant mother and whoever she chooses to have supporting her during her childbirth. If mum has already attended one of my MummyNatal classes she may already have a good idea of who she wants to support her. She may choose her partner, husband or wife, family member, best friend, or perhaps a doula or private midwife. There is no rule about who your birthing partner should be, as long as mum feels relaxed and supported by that person, and whoever is there by mum’s side is fully aware of the importance of the birth partner role.

This session is taught privately in your own home, at a pre-arranged time and date that fits around you. Just contact Jenni to discuss the best times and we’ll make a plan together!

The Birth Workshop will help birth partners understand how to offer practical and emotional support during labour or C section. The workshop guides you through:

-the importance of the mind-body connection

-relaxation and managing stress – for both of you

-breathing practise for remaining calm during birth

-childbirth physiology to demystify the experience and help you feel confident

-practical birth positions and anchors

-practical tips to prepare birth partner for their role

-birth choices and writing out your preferences

-interventions and how to cope with the unexpected

-communication and ‘codes’ to ensure strong teamwork and trust

-male and female psychology during birth


You can select your couples workshop below and pay securely via PayPal with your credit or debit card. If you prefer to pay via BACS just contact me to arrange this. Workshops include exclusive goodybag, handout of notes, exclusive Baby Choices detailed sample birth plan, access to my confidential Facebook group and ongoing online support throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Private workshops for mums-to-be and her chosen birth partner/s are available throughout Manchester, Tameside and Stockport (mileage chargeable if your location is more than 7 miles from Stockport town centre).

Natal Birth Workshop £100 per couple – August/September


Natal Birth Workshop £100 per couple – October/November